Digital Citizenship Class Syllabus:

1. February 9th: Digital Citizenship by Experts : Safety, Searches, Sources, Security, Sharing, Settings, Sensitive, Strangers, Same Rules, Citations

2. February 23rd: Small Groups Negative Rights Posters

3 March 1st: Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

4 March 8th: Safety: Basic online rules

5 March 22nd: Sharing & Strangers: What should & shouldn't be shared?

6 April 12th: Sensitive & Same Rules: Don't share sensitive information

7 April 19th: Searches: What does a search actually do?

8 April 26th: Sources: Identifying & Evaluating

9 May 3rd: Citations: APA & MLA

10 May 10th: Security & Settings: How can your device help you?

11 May 17th: Simple Sample Research Paper with Citations

12 May 31st: Plagiarism: Case Studies of Misappropriation on Wrong Citations being scandalous

13 June 7th: Reflection Paper

Digital Citizenship Youtube 1

Digital Citizenship Youtube 2

Digital Citizenship Youtube 3


APA Style

What does a search actually do?

Claudine Gay Guardian

Common Sense

Consumer Reports

Digital Citizenship Microsoft1