Peter's Practicum

Practicum Handbook
Portfolio Contents

1. Front Cover/Title Page
Administrative License Portfolio Candidate’s full name
Date of completion
In Preparation for Preliminary Administrator License
2. Table of Contents
3. Professional résumé and three to five letters of recommendation
4. Site Confirmation
5. Professional Education Plan – The PEP plan should be reviewed and updated at the start of the practicum. Goals should be addressed during the Initial Orientation Meeting and/or at the beginning of the practicum with the mentors and supervisor. The revised PEP plan is due one month after the Initial Orientation Meeting.
6. Practicum Log – The log must show dates, number of hours, site, activities, and competencies tied to activities.
7. Journal of Significant Events
8. Assessment of Teacher Performances (3) (de-identified)
9. Parent Interviews (2)
10. Assessment of Alternative Learning Site(s)
11. Administrative Responsibilities – Each administrative competency/responsibility should have its own section and each should be clearly identified/ labeled.
12. Graphic Representation of Site Community
13. Mentor Mid-Practicum Evaluations (one from each site)
14. Mentor Final Practicum Evaluations (one from each site)
15. Supervisor Final Practicum Evaluations (one for each site)
16. Supervisor Portfolio Assessment
17. FAIACC (Final Assessment of Preliminary Administrative Competencies Checklist)

Visionary Leadership (NELP Standard One, Mission, Vision, and Core Values): Element 1.1. Shared mission and vision
Element 1.2. A set of core values
Element 1.3. A support system
Element 1.4. A school improvement process
Instructional Improvement (NELP Standard Four, Instructional Leadership): Element 4.1 Learning System
Element 4.2 Instructional Practice
Element 4.3 Assessment System
Element 4.4 Learning Supports
Effective Management (NELP Standard Six, Operations and Management; Standard Seven, Human Resource Leadership):
Element 6.1 Management and Operation Systems;
Element 6.2 Data and Resources;
Element 6.3 Communication Systems;
Element 6.4 Legal Compliance
Element 7.1 Human Resource Management
Element 7.2 Professional Culture
Element 7.3 Workplace Conditions
Element 7.4 Supervision and Evaluation
Inclusive Practice (NELP Standard Three, Equity and Cultural Leadership): Element 3.1 Equitable Protocols
Element 3.2 Equitable Access
Element 3.3 Responsive Practice
Element 3.4 Supportive School Community
Ethical Leadership (NELP Standard Two, Ethics and Professional Norms): Element 2.1 Professional Norms
Element 2.2 Decision-Making
Element 2.3 Values
Element 2.4 Ethical Behavior
Socio-Political Context (NELP Standard Five, Community and External Leadership): Element 5.1 Communication
Element 5.2 Engagement
Element 5.3 Partnerships
Element 5.4 Advocacy

Initial Orientation Meeting Site 1
Initial Orientation Meeting Site 2
Review and Revise PEP Plan With Supervisor
Mid Practicum Conference Site 1
Mentor Mid Practicum Evaluation Site 1
Mid Practicum Conference Site 2
Mentor Mid Practicum Evaluation Site 2
Practicum Log Documenting a minimum of 360 hours
Practicum Journal of Significant Events
Assessement of Teacher Performance (at least 3)
Parent Interview (at least two)
Assessment of Alternative Learning Site
Organizational Chart of Site Community
Administrative Practicum Portfolio
Final Practicum Conference Site 1
Mentor Final Evaluation Site 1
Final Practicum Conference Site 2
Mentor Final Evaluation Site 2
Supervisor Final Evaluation Site 1
Supervisor Final Evaluation Site 2
Professional Education PLan (PEP)
Rewritten Practicum Proposal
Evaluation of Site Mentor and University Supervisor
Disposition/Critical Assessment