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Yoshida Udon: The Basics

Ah, Yoshida Udon. Japan loves it's noodles, and udon has been a mainstay of the lunch diet since the Asuka period (538-710 AD).

Just about every region of Japan has it's own special style of udon. In Southern Yamanashi Prefecture, it's Yoshida Udon, named for the city of Yoshida (which has been renamed Fujiyoshida.)

Yoshida Udon differs from other Japanese Udons primarily in its special style of noodle. Two seemingly antonomical (not anatomical--get your mind out of the gutter--it means "opposite-meaning") adjectives best describe the Yoshida Udon noodle: tender, and chewy (although, I've also heard "gummy"). The perfect Yoshida Udon noodle is tender on the outside, chopsticks should readily bite into it. But, inside is a tough, floury core. The noodles can be enjoyed quickly, by slurping down the silky noodles in the traditional Japanese style, but can also be enjoyed slowly, by Westerners who love to chew them because of their fresh, "al dente" texture.

But, really, a bowl of Yoshida Udon is essentially noodle soup. The udon noodles are roughly the size, length, and thickness of big flat shoelaces. They are made fresh within 24 hours of being served; usually they are refrigerated for one night to reach the perfect balance of silky exterior and chewy interior. A good bowl of Yoshida Udon contains the eponymous noodles, either miso- or fish-flavored broth, and toppings such as cabbage, seaweed, kinpira, meat, and vegetables. Then, on top of all that, you throw some tempura crumbs and karashi (spice).

At most Yoshida Udon shops, there are several varieties of udon available. Normally, you can select which toppings you want, whether you want large or small, and whether you want the noodles in the bowl with the broth, or on a separate plate (tsuke style) from which you dip them into the broth. (Although at Sakurai Udon, for one, the menu only reads "hot udon" and "cold udon"--there are no toppings, and nothing else is on the menu.)

Most Yoshida Udon shops can't be called restaurants. They can't be called stores or factories. Although a few are up-scale, and try to attract big-city visitors (who hit the nearby "Fujikyu Highland" theme park on weekends), most are just little shacks sitting by the side of the road, which attract only the neighbors. You would think they were carports if it weren't for the maroon "Yoshida Udon Federation" flag in front.

We think we've captured the essence of Yoshida Udon in our comments, reviews, and pictures below. If you have questions, send us an email by clicking the "Click here to send us your review" button, and we'll be happy to answer it.

Finally, we just discovered that Wikipedia has a pretty decent entry for udon. So, you might click that for more background information about these wonderful noodles.

My very own Yoshida Udon Flag!

This page is not officially endorsed by Fujiyoshida City, but has received an award from the city for helping to promote Yoshida Udon. In an April 14th, 2006 ceremony, I was honored with my own Yoshida Udon flag, and an "Ambassador of Udon" card. For more information, Click here for my "Ambassador of Udon" page.

News! 7/18/06

Meanwhile, Fujiyoshida has updated their udon map again. Now, #36 Hatsune has apparently defaulted on its federation membership dues and has been given the boot. It's been replaced by a new #36, Sengen Jinja Tea Shop. Of course, I'm on the ball, so I've already been there. Photos of my trip are up, as well as my review below.

Also, I just added red text to the names of our 10 favorite shops. That way, you won't have to wade through all the reviews to find our favorites.

Our Shop Visits & Reviews:

We routinely review the 64 shops in the Fujiyoshida Udon Federation in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan. We try to take pictures to accurately represent the exterior and interior of the shop, the toppings, and the udon dishes themselves. We then review the shops based on our experiences. Normally, Yoshida Udon is outstanding, and we all love it.

At its best, we unilaterally feel that it is the planet's best lunch. At its worst, it's still a decent lunch, on par with most lunches around the world. (We say 'lunch', because, with the rare exception, Yoshida Udon is only served at lunch time.)

Our reviews are subjective, but we try to be honest and accurate. We give number ratings according to how we feel the shops compare with other Yoshida Udon shops. We recommend any shop with a rating of '6' or higher, and consider it to be one of the best places to eat lunch anywhere.
Click on the pictures to see our reviews!

#20 Kiyoshi Udon

#21 Tsuruya Shokudo Udon

#22 Gaien Udon

#23 Asahi Udon

#24 Tsukushinoko Udon

#25 Miyashita Udon

#26 Kobo Udon

#27 Higashiura Udon

#28 Tyaomen Udon

#29 Kurumaya Udon

#30 Kuwabara Udon

#31 Shirasu Udon

#32 Fuki Udon

#33 Shochikurin Udon

#34 G-1 Udon

#35 Menkyo Kaiden Udon

#36 Sengen Jinja Tea Shop NEW!

#37 Kenkouren Udon

#38 Takeguchi Udon

#39 Starhaus Udon

#40 Sanukiya Udon

#41 Miyagawa Udon

#42 Hoshiya Udon

#43 Miyaki Udon

#44 Tensaku Udon

#45 Anbaiya Udon

#46 Anme Udon

#47 Mensho Ikkyuu Udon

#48 Sapphire Udon

#49 Horihata Udon

#50 Fumotoya Udon

#51 Musashi Udon

#52 Donbei Udon

#53 Tamakite Udon

#54 Rakuten Udon

#55 Tateishi Udon

#56 Sakaiya Udon

#57 Hanaya Udon

#58 Shigenoya Udon

#59 Musuyu Udon

#60 Benkei Udon

#61 Men's Fujiyama Udon

#62 Shintaku Udon

#63 Shikika Udon

#64 Arakitee Udon

Non-Udon Federation Shops: does not endorse non-udon federation shops. However, the fact remains that such shops exist, and by popular demand I hereby review them. Since there are no shop numbers, these shops are instead listed by town.
Takegawa, Kawaguchiko

Tabata Udon, Fujiyoshida

Furusato Udon, Fujiyoshida

Otsuki Train Station

Former #36 Hatsune Udon

Former #45 Marui Udon

Former #62 Kodawari

Shochan, Nishikatsura

Ooseto, Nishikatsura

Wa Udon, Tsuru

Ratings Summary! Up-to-Date as of 4/1/2006! (also shows translations of shop names)

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